Project Fereshte

Fereshte commercial-office project has been built on a land with a length of 30 meters and an average width of 7-5 meters. This system has provided 29 parking spaces on 4 floors. This project is located in Farshte St., corner of Shabdiz St., in the parking lot of Khaneh Tehran Commercial Office Complex.

Due to the dimensions of the project land, it was only possible to provide two traditional parking spaces; But by using the mechanized parking system, 29 fully automatic parking spaces have been provided in four basement floors.

Project Fereshte
Project Fereshte
Project Fereshte


Parkista’s Automated parking systems are installed and in use in many parts of the world:

Iran, Turkey, Spain, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Singapore, Germany, Kuwait, Kazakhstan






Project steps

Consulting with Parkista

Contact Parkista to get the information you need about mechanized parking and check the possibility of using mechanized parking in your project.
Consultation request

Initial design and feasibility

If you want to check the possibility of using mechanized parking in your projects, send us the information, location, and initial design of your project, and receive the initial plan and the feasibility of using mechanized parking as soon as possible.

Detail design, construction, implementation and launch

All services related to the design, construction, installation, and operation of the mechanized parking system in accordance with international standards will be provided to you in the form of a turnkey contract.

Repair and maintenance

After installing and operating the mechanized parking systems, we have a full package of after-sales services, maintenance and repairs.

about us

Parkista Company was established with the aim of designing, producing and installing mechanized parking lots. Benefiting from the technical knowledge of foreign partners and internal design capabilities, this company is engaged in the development of the mechanized parking industry in the form of transferring local technical knowledge and technical capabilities. This company supplies its products in accordance with global standards with the cooperation and participation of the most reliable companies in the world.
The after-sales service of the products is performed directly by Park Ista Company, and the supply of spare parts for the products is very important to ensure the confidence of the consumers.
The main focus of Parkista Company is product design based on the client’s needs, in order to respond appropriately and in accordance with the customer’s conditions.


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